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Mixed-Media Mosaic Art
9" diameter
This piece joins 127 other mosaic works donated by mosaic artists from around the world for an on-line auction to benefit Doctors Without Borders. To see the other wonderful pieces, please click here To participate in the auction, please click here xxx . To learn more about the artist who organized this, and several other mosaic donation projects, please click here

A TREE FOR ALL SEASONS was consciously created out of a “polyglot” of random small bits and pieces (each one a unique and beautiful little treasure in it’s own way) so that when brought together, en masse, the pieces would grow together to create a strong and vibrant vision of a one-of-a-kind “tree” that reminds us of the beauty of our diversity, the wonder of our collaborative spirit and the timelessness of humanity. The round shape of the overall piece represents the one earth we share and the circle of life in which we are all intertwined. The stainless steel knife hilt “trunk” and fork tine “branches” suggest the strength and resiliency of our common lineage. The dark background was also specifically chosen to reassure us that while we may often feel that we are alone in the dark, either individually or collectively, when we take the time to look outside and beyond ourselves, we may see that the even the dark parts of our world can be punctuated by light, color and hope.

Media: Reclaimed china and dishware; scrap stained glass; tempered glass salvaged from auto wrecking yard; repurposed stainless steel knife hilt and fork tines; Italian glass millefiori; stainless steel ball chain; unglazed porcelain tile, Moroccan micro and nano tiles; rescued Pyrex microwave turntable; with sanded grout. Sealed for indoor use only.
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