STUDIO FRESCA: some old stuff...fresh new ARTitude
Mixed Media Mosaic
24" x 6"
SOLD - However, I am always happy to recreate similar pieces customized to the client's wishes. Please contact me for further details.

This piece was specifically designed to use the “negative space”— in this case the grout lines — as a defining element in parts of the composition. By carefully cutting and laying very small pieces of hand-cut plates so that spaces were left between them, the grout lines “form” the trunks and branches of the trees while the tiny tesserae depict the foliage. This technique allows for a very textural effect, which also lends depth and shadows to the work, almost giving it a 3D effect in the right light. Fall is always magical around Vermont and I wanted to celebrate the short, but spectacular, season by creating something a little different that reflected the landscape as I often see it.

MATERIALS: hand-cut rescued dishware; scrap stained glass; on 1/2" ‘environmental’ MDF; sanded grout; framed in left over wood molding. 24” x 6”. Sealed for INDOOR use only.

PLEASE NOTE: This item was carefully and thoughtfully created from recycled, reclaimed and salvaged materials, which may contain "imperfections" such as small chips, cracks, crazing, scratches, etc. As with all one-of-a-kind, handmade items, these "imperfections" are considered enhancements to the piece and do not detract from it's value. Please feel free to ask if you have any questions or concerns.

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