STUDIO FRESCA: some old stuff...fresh new ARTitude
About The Artist

I am an eclectic artist and multi­disciplinary designer who is drawn to working with "discarded" materials. My design experience includes digital and print graphics, architecture, residential and commercial interiors, personal fashions, jewelry — and mosaics!
For the last fifteen years, my primary focus has been on “artistic redesign” — reusing, recycling and re-purposing discarded resources into beautiful, interesting and useful objects. I consider myself both an artist and a designer because I’m interested in creating unique and beautiful things that can be viewed as art pieces and, which may at times, also be useful and functional.
My process tends to be different from many other artists in that I work "backwards"; that is to say I usually create my concepts for finished pieces based on the materials I find, rather than coming up with a concept first then purchasing the materials with which to create it. While working with used materials in this way is often challenging, I find it very engrossing. The materials I work with tend to talk to me, telling me just what they want to become in their next lives. This adds an element of surprise and adventure to my creative process, often taking me in totally new and unexpected directions as some of that great, old stuff takes on a fresh, new artititude.
In addition to my love of art and junk of all kinds, I am passionate about traveling, environmental sustainability; the value of good design in everyday living; recycling; excellence in — and access to — health care for everyone; advancements in medical technology; alternative healing modalities; gardening and architecture. I'm also pretty fond of dumps, salvage yards and thrift stores! I am a bit of a tea snob, but when it comes to chocolate I'm quite egalitarian — any kind, any time will do!
I create my art for the pure joy of the creative process and a deep love of working with "old and used" materials. I display my work in a variety of places to demonstrate how potentially useful, beautiful and valuable so much of the stuff that ends up in our landfills really is. Art work and fashions that I don't give away to friends, family and non-profit organizations, I sell in order to help support my commitments to the public art projects and arts in education programs I am involved in, as well as pay my graduate school fees.
My current goals are to continue to create the art I love — both individually and within the context of community — and to provide health education, communications and advocacy services to individuals and populations dealing with challenging health, social and economic conditions, which is the focus of my graduate studies.
My mosaic and design work can be seen in a variety of art venues as well as in residences and businesses around the world. My work has been consistently been selected for numerous juried art shows and exhibitions across the country, including the 2011 National Mosaic Exhibition.
I do some mosaic installation work for residences and businesses and I do occasionally accept commissions. I also sometimes create custom fashion, jewelry and home décor for people, as well as design and create unique, comfortable and functional spaces for business, retail and commercial interiors — often to go along with my mosaic installations.
I enjoy teaching group and private classes both in my own studio and via a variety of outlets at various other locations, leading workshops and working as an artist-in-residence for school and community art programs. I am a credentialed teacher with over 20 year teaching experience and continue to teach art on a regular, part-time basis at the high school and college levels.