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My work for the Beyond Borders Mosaic Auction to support Doctors Without Borders / Médecins Sans Frontières, 2012. This is the second annual DWB/MSF auction coordinated by the one and only Lin Schorr and I am delighted to be donating another piece to this worthy cause, which is close to my heart. This year, due to shipping and logistical issues, Lin has stipulated that all works be will 6" x 6" square.

My piece, entitled INFINITELY ACQUAINTANCED, depicts an abstract forest at dawn. I have used scrap stained glass on salvaged mirror for the leaf canopy and the hilly ground with accents of Italian glass millefiore and am leaving the tree trunks and branches "open" with no tessera, which allows the mirror substrate to show through and form the tree trunks and branches. The trees are all interlocked with one another by their web of branches. My intention with the overall composition is to suggest that between the heavens and the earth we are all interconnected with one another and by using the mirror as a major element, I hope to remind anyone who views the piece and sees their reflection in the trees, that they, too, are part of that infinite connection.

The on-line auction begins Saturday, 1 September at 9 am EDT and closes Friday, 21 September at 9 pm EDT. All proceeds from this auction of mosaic art by mosaicists from around the world, goes to support the efforts of DWB/MSF. Last year Lin and her artists raised more than $20,000 and we are hoping to match or beat that figure this year!
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