STUDIO FRESCA: some old stuff...fresh new ARTitude
Mixed-Media Mosaic
12" x 12"
NFS - Private Commission. However, I am always happy to recreate similar pieces customized to the client's wishes. Please contact me for further details.

This piece was commissioned and custom designed to provide a very personal focal point for a family photo wall. The tree top was created from vintage family dishware and china. The words: JOY, FAITH, LOVE, HOPE & PEACE were scripted on paper and placed behind clear glass gems, which are included in the tree foliage. The tree is "rooted" in a hand-hammered stainless steel heart that was among the collection of vintage jewelry handed down in the family. The background "sky" is composed of vintage sheet music of a song with sentimental value to the family, which was then covered in tempered glass. The colors were chosen to match the decor in the family's home.

MATERIALS: vintage family china and dishware; recycled tempered glass from refrigerator shelves; vintage sheet music; glass gems; Italian glass millefiore; gold foil; salvaged mirror; vitreous glass tiles; Moroccan mini-tiles; river stones; stainless steel knife hilt; stainless steel heart from family jewelry collection; stainless steel ball chain on 'environmental' MDF with sanded grout.
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