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Pique Assiette Mosaic
12" diameter with brass frame
NFS - However, I am always happy to recreate similar pieces customized to the client's wishes. Please contact me for further details.

Originally Created for the 2014 Mosaic Art Auction to benefit Doctors Without Borders / Médecins Sans Frontières, this particular piece went missing for awhile (pears can be so mischievous — especially when in pairs!) so I sent another piece from my personal collection TWILIGHT IN TAHITI instead. After a little adventure, the pears did find eventually find their way back home, where they are now enjoying a peaceful existence sitting sedately — and quite colorfully — on the roll top desk in the living room where I can keep and eye on them.

I specifically created the IMPRESSIONS OF A PAIR OF PEARS to resemble the impressionist style of painting while maintaining some of the textural elements I enjoy about mosaic. It was a fun challenge to take separate, hard pieces of ceramic and porcelain and attempt to give them a "softness" and the appearance as if they are "melting" into one another. I chose the pears as a theme because the pear and pear tree have a long tradition of positive symbolism across many cultures.

MATERIALS: hand cut vintage china and discarded dishware on salvaged brass plate with hand painted grout and gloss sealer.
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