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Glass on Glass Mosaic
48" x 24"
NFS - However, I am always happy to recreate similar pieces customized to the client's wishes. Please contact me for further details.

PANE RELIEF is an intensely personal piece. I started it in November of 2012 while trying to recover from illness, surgery and hospitalization...I was unable to use any tools with which to cut, I could barely stand and I could only work for about 15 minutes at a time, but I wanted to be in the studio, so my husband dug this old window out of my stash of old stuff, plopped it on my work table, handed me the glue and rolled my stained glass scraps cart next to my side. All I could do was pick up pieces and glue them down, so that's what I did. There was no plan, no organization and no goal other than to work in my studio and fill in the spaces with shapes and bits I already had laying around. The result is not my usual style at all, but over the year and a half it took me to recover, I stuck to the plan and finished it — a random polyglot of colors, shapes and bits — but I finished it feeling so much better and stronger than when I started. Glass is great therapy! My husband came up with a way to light it up from behind the window panes using LED cord lights, so it makes a very vibrant night light.

I titled it PANE RELIEF as a bit of a joke; I made it for my own pain relief, but it is also created on window panes and, since it has many pieces that stick out quite a ways from the window, the panes have some "relief". The "pain" part came into play again when we grouted by far is one of the most difficult and time consuming things I have ever grouted!

MATERIALS: scrap stained glass, recycled bottle tops and bottom and the bases from broken wine glass stems on salvaged vintage wooden window with glass millefiore and glass blobs. Custom LED back lighting by my husband.
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