STUDIO FRESCA: some old stuff...fresh new ARTitude
Mixed Media Mosaic - Educational Project
9' x 4'
It was my great pleasure and honor to serve as the Artist in Residence and Advisor for this large and colorful wall mural, which was created by the art students and their teacher at Burke Mountain Academy in East Burke, Vermont.

During the six week project, the students learned about the centuries-old history of mosaics, how to use the various materials, tools and techniques used in making mosaics, the principles of design and composition specific to creating mosaic art and the considerations and steps required for installation in an architectural application.

The mural is installed on the wall in their cafeteria. The theme for this mural, as requested by the school's chef, is "International Foods". Each student in the class designed and created their own individual square piece to reflect their unique and personal interpretation of the overall theme. Those individually crafted panels can be seen on either end of the mural.

The students then worked together to complete the center panel of the piece. As you can see by the end results, they demonstrated a high degree of creativity in both their compositions and their use of materials (some of which are listed below), as well as a sincere dedication to both the technical requirements and the spirit of the project!

Materials: vitreous glass tile; scrap stained glass; recovered china and dishware; salvaged glazed and unglazed ceramic and porcelain tile; recycled glass bottles; recycled aluminum cans; recycled plastic syrup bottle; ball chain; glass, plastic, wood and shell beads; jewelry; wooden chop sticks; peach pits; electrical wire, stainless steel flatware; aluminum and stainless steel wire; glass gems; stainless steel cookie cutters; agate geode slice; plexiglass; on 1/4" hardibacker board with sanded grout and wooden frame.
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