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I LEFT MY HEART... (or Swirly San Francisco)
Mixed Media Mosaic
6" x 6"
This tiny mosaic square was created as a contribution to SWIRLENDIPITY 1, a mosaic mural project which is being organized by fellow mosaic artist, Lin Schorr, who has installed the completed mural in a health care facility in Michigan. Over 50 of these small mosaic squares, with the overall theme element of "A Swirl", have been donated from fellow mocaisists from around the world. This project began as part of the Mosaic Challenge group on Flickr, which is generously administered by MilliMoMo, who manages to kindly herd all of us "Mosaicats" in the right direction. You can see more of these colorful swirls here and the completed mural here.

My inspiration for this piece was the tiny coffee mug which looked up at me one day from the bottom of a grungy trash bin and distinctly said, "swirl me"...

Materials: scrap stained glass; broken china; salvaged mirror; recovered miniature coffee mug; millefiore; on mesh and will be grouted into the final mural project.
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