STUDIO FRESCA: some old stuff...fresh new ARTitude
design layout on paper template
Using the paper cutting template, the stained glass "ribbons" are laid out with some of the tesserae to double check the design concept before the tesserae are adhered to the actual substrate with thinset and glue.

At this point there is a great deal of adjustment that goes on in the design that includes experimentation with various tesserae shapes, opus and andamento. While this photo shows the background tesserae as squares, in the final layout these back ground tesserae were changed to a triangle shape, which will more readily fit around the complex floral design focals, accentuate the flowing nature of the pink ribbon and smoothly align with the curvature of the heart shaped substrate base.

The silver numbers on the stained glass ribbon pieces are marked in erasable ink to ensure that all the pieces go back together in the right order. You'd be surprised at just how easily some of those pieces seem to "fit" in the wrong places...

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