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Trees Tops and Trunks
November 2008
Mixed Media Mosaic
30" x 18"
This is a the start of a stained glass, stainless steel and millefiore mosaic on 1/2" 'environmental' MDF substrate.

The MDF has been cut, sanded and sealed, and the top has been painted with silver metallic reflective paint so the light going through the stained glass will be partially reflected, which enhances the colors and luminousity of the glass.

The trees tops have been outlined using stainless steel ball chain and the spaces where the knife hilt "tree trunks" will be adhered, have been sketched out, along with the fore and back grounds. The foliage in the tree tops is made from stained glass rounds (made from scrap stained glass) of various sizes, each one individually hand cut to create a balanced opus of tesserae. I am also including millefiore of various sizes and colors to accentuate the tree tops.

Surrealism is all about creating scenes that are familiar, but which are also teasing, puzzling, or disturbing to the way viewers expect to see such scenes. Often these involve some sort of illusion. Using the ball chain to outline the edges of all the tree tops presents a "surrealistic illusion" because given the actual compositional layout of the trees, the viewer would not expect to be able to see the delineation of the outside edges of the foliage in each and every tree in the forest. The undulating ground underneath the trees is also sketched in a fantastically unrealistic way, but close enough to "reality" that it presents a bit of an optical illusion.
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